Shin Chan Movie The Spy in Hindi Dubbed Full Mp4 & 3Gp free Download

 Movie Name: Shinchan Movie The Storm Called: Operation Golden Spy

Release Year: 2011 (Hindi Release 2013)
Language: Hindi
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
Quality: Blueray

Summary: Comical action spy film including an indecent material (flatus) and a story of a girl who had obeyed her parents, but becomes self-aware. A mystery spy girl Lemon Sunomono suddenly appears in front of Shinnosuke, and she calls herself an emissary of Action Kamen. She had trained as a spy by her parents in the Sukashipestan Republic, and works for the Queens. Under her guidance, Shinnosuke decides to be a spy to fight for justice, and receives spy training. Under the instruction of Action Kamen, Lemon and Shinnosuke perform a mission to creep into the laboratory in the Hedelna Kingdom and recapture a capsule from an evil professor, but Lemon finds the real purpose of the Queens, and they fight to foil the plot of the Queens.

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