The Gutsy Frog | Dokonjou Gaeru Hindi Episodes Download HD


Series Info

Name: The Gutsy Frog (Dokonjou Gaeru)

Release Year: 1972 (Hungama TV Hindi Release – May 2021)

Quality: (360p, 480p, 720p HD-4:3 Format)

Language: Hindi

Synopsis: When Hiroshi was fighting against his rival Gorillaimo, he stumbled over a stone and fell on to a frog. To be surprised, the frog was still alive and it named itself Pyonkichi.


Episode 1A – The Birth of Pyonkichi! NEW!!


Episode 4A – Pyonkichi Wants To Be Fed!


Episode 5A – Pyonkichi Hits Homerun!


Episode 6A – Little Cutie, Mary-chan!


Episode 6B – Pyonchiki’s Hard Training!


Episode 7A – Great Teacher Machida-Sensei!


Episode 7B – Mary-chan’s Bad Habit! 


Episode 88A – Pyonkichi Predicts Weather!


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